Pilgrim Servants like Christ

WEDNESDAY: Twenty-second Week in ordinary Time


Pilgrim Servants like Christ

Every Christian must imitate Christ Jesus. Bishops, members of the clergy and religious have a more demanding role to emulate Christ and genuinely portray his missionary zeal in reconciling the world to God. However, personal preferences, inordinate attachment to people, places and things often obstruct us from fulfilling that expectation and hinder God's plan for the Church. Rising above such human limitations require a lot of self-centering, each in our respective vocation and self-control to know when to make a clean detachment that is pleasing to God and Christ Jesus.

that we are fellow workers with Christ can make it easier for all of us. Christ on earth was a pilgrim Messiah sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. He was never sedentary. Unhinged he moved from town to town and from village to village proclaiming the Good News. As collaborators with Christ Jesus in his priestly, prophetic and servant-kingly ministries, the Lord expects no less of us so that the kingdom may come alive on earth as it is in heaven.Recognizing

Our Church is trouble today, precisely because we hinge ourselves to people and parishes so tightly that many are behaving like estate owners rather than as pilgrims like Christ. Christ did not send us to take ownership of a church or parish. No! He commissioned us as his coworkers, his farm and God's building to gather the stray sheep. Therefore, in imitation of Christ, let us arise and keep going and reaching out wherever God sends us. His grace is sufficient for us.

O God, grant me the grace to imitate your Son. Keep me faithful pilgrim on the journey.

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