Is the Bridegroom Still With Us?

FRIDAY: Twenty-second Week in Ordinary Time


Is the Bridegroom Still With Us?

Christians, some do not yet to understand or even acknowledge they are co-owners of the kingdom with the Father and the Son. God bestowed this unique privilege upon us in Christ. Baptized into Christ Jesus, God made us his heirs and coheirs with his Son. Once we recognize we are co-inheritors of the kingdom there will no longer require bickering over who is fasting and who is not. A new wave of divine consciousness will inspire us to behave like conscientious brides being one body with our spouse building our dream kingdom together.

As Christians, the Lord calls us to be ever faithful and meticulous in our pursuit of holiness and oneness with Christ. The experiences with the world of darkness and sin we must voluntarily shed to become an altogether new creature in Christ. In this new dispensation with Christ, duplicity is destructive but honesty and integrity is the way to sustain the longevity and exuberance of our marriage with God and Christ. Spouse are stewards of each other and so are we with Christ, building the kingdom of heaven.

Given our present historical, social, political, economic and religious context is it logical to ask; is the bridegroom still with us?

Search me, O Lord, and remove from deep within me and trace of dishonesty and duplicity. Bless me with pure and contrite heart.

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