Instruments of Compassion, Love and Mercy

SATURDAY: Twenty-second Week in Ordinary Time


Instruments of Compassion, Love and Mercy

In today’s Liturgy of the Word, Christ Jesus and St. Paul begged the scribes and Pharisees, respectively to transcend their religious bigotry and exhibit a sense of divine love and justice at work among them. Just as God and Christ stand in solidarity with us in our sinfulness, sorrows, distress, harassment, dejection, nakedness, hunger, thirst and lonesomeness; the Father and the Son expect the same of us who bear their name, image and likeness.

The mission of the Church in the world is the same as Christ Jesus, and St. Paul. Hers is the responsibility to redirect the consciousness of the children of God and the followers of Christ, transition them from the fixation with laws and traditions, and empower them to become empathetic towards sinners and sufferers.

Christians, the living stones building up the body of Christ in the world, working in tandem with Christ have the unique choice and privilege to transform and change the impoverished human conditions as exist in the world today. In other words, the Beatitudes is the job description of every member of the Church. If as of her members, we follow them meticulously, we will endure all things for the sake of standing in solidarity with sinners and sufferers. Remember, love transcends love that humankind may enjoy freedom of mind, heart, soul and spirit.

Lord, make us instruments of your compassion and love,

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