Conciliation in Christ



Conciliation in Christ

Faith depends a great deal on emotional stability, trust, determination to work at conciliation and the ability to forgive unconditionally. All the above are signs that we cognitively willed ourselves to embody Christ and make his mission ours while on earth. It is a tall order; however, that is possible if only we allow the Beatitudes to shape our Christian consciousness and spirituality.

Just as the Father commanded, the Prophet Ezekiel to be resolute in his purpose to reconcile the hearts of the children of Israel with God, Christ with the same determination requests his disciples should exhaust every means possible to preserver the unity of the Holy Spirit among them. It takes a lot of humility, obedience, suffering and emotional stability to reconcile one's difference with those who wrong and inflict hard suffering upon you, me or anyone else.

However, faith, humility and obedience to God will not permit us to surrender in despair. The virtues, values and the spirit of endurance we gain by practicing the Beatitudes will never let us yield to unforgiveness. For unless we forgive each other from the heart, our forgiveness from God is still pending. Pardon and reconciliation are deep expressions of Caritas and Filial love. All God wants from us toward each other is a deep sense of Caritas and Filial love so beautifully surmised by St Paul as the only debt Christians owe each other and the world.

Lord, take away our pride; make us humble and obedient like you that your mercy may reach the ends of the earth.

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