Transcending Law to Save Souls

MONDAY: Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time


Transcending Law to Save Souls

The ignorance of the oppressed is the heaven of oppressors who delight in belittling and feeding sufferers with empty promises and the false hope of redemption that is beyond them - only to achieve their selfish end. The innocent victims of this ploy are like pawns in a game of chess. It is this type of deep-seated connivance, immorality, sin and evil that Paul named "the old yeast" wreaking destruction in our lives. St. Paul recommends Christians must eradicate these seeds from our midst to facilitate healing and redemption for all - especially the poor and enfeebled among us.

Christ Jesus, in today's Gospel, demonstrates with the healing of the man with the withered hand, that we can irradiate the old yeast among us. However, we must allow divine love to enable us to transcend every law and human tradition to repair every broken human condition to restore the lost humanity and integrity of our brothers and sisters without any false pretense.

Are we ready for this kind of Christianity today? COVID 19 is a showcase of opportunities and challenges confronting us daily. Will we respond to them as Christ did in the temple? Remember, Christ will transgress every law to save your soul and nine’s. However, the old yeast at work in us will detain the weak among us in hell fire.

O Lord, open our eyes that we may see the wonders of your love and empathy for the enfeebled among us. Transform us into instruments of love for the glory of your name.

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