Overcoming the World with Christ

WEDNESDAY: Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time


Overcoming the World with Christ

Christian spirituality begs us to take heed of the brevity of human life. All things are transient - including our human existence and relationships. Bogged down by the things of the flesh can serve as obstacles in our path towards holiness. Our intrinsic worth as children of God, therefore, begs us to embody the Beatitudes. Make them the source and substance of our everyday life so that we may become conscientious servants of God and stewards with Christ.

Our happiness as Christians lies in the virtuousness of God. The Beatitudes is a concise definition of Christocentric qualities, and patterns of human behaviour and sense of judgment, if adhered to, will help us transcend the evils and corruption of this world to display the nature and substance of the children of God. Otherwise, on Judgment Day, we may hear the Lord repeating to us, "Alas for you ...” over and over again.

COVID 19 reminds us how quickly all things can change our good fortunes into suffering and despair. Our health and economic empires, our comfortable jobs can vanish overnight. However, if the Beatitude is the foundation of our spirituality, we can overcome all tragedies in Christ Jesus.

Lord, my search for eternal happiness begins and ends in you. Clothe me in the Beatitudes. That is all I ask.

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