Our Christian Vocation: To Love and Forgive

THURSDAY: Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time


Our Christian Vocation: To Love and Forgive

Divine, Caritas and Filial love are conscientious acts taken by God and individuals intended to redeem, transform the lives of others and journey with them along the path of life eternal suffering their pain and anguish with them. Only the sufferer knows and can articulate the depth of his or her suffering and pain. All others are sympathizers or empathizers. However, because they live outside of the one who suffers, they will never fully grasp the horrors the sufferer endures.

Now that we are members of the Mystical Body of Christ; we have the mind, souls and spirit of Christ at work in us; he wants us to be the same with him: servants and expressions of Divine, Caritas and Filial love in a world where we like strangers to each other. The word "Christians" means those who are like Christ.

From the Cross - Christ showed perfect love toward his enemies, during his lifetime he did good to enemies, he treated with kindness those who slapped him and never demanded his cloak from those who stripped him naked. Instead, he made an excuse for them: "Father forgive them. They do not know what they are doing." Christ, in other words, never demands of us what he did not do himself.

Hatred, violence, vengeance and unforgiveness are tearing our world and church apart. Today Christ calls us as Christians to revisit the context in which we live and become living symbols of his love, mercy and forgiveness to make a difference. Yes, we can!

I Love you, Lord. Help me love even my enemies.

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