Christians, a Work in Progress



Christians, a Work in Progress

The present historical, social, political, economic, religious cultures and schools of thoughts are at variance within themselves and with each other. Consequently, the world seems angry and vindictive. Religion appears helpless in its efforts to reconcile the differences. COVID 19 is not helping; the chasm between individuals and nations is widening, as if without hope.

God existed in chaos from the beginning; he can restore order at will if he chooses. Instead, out of perfect love and respect for our free will, he awaits our cooperation to make all things work together for our good on earth. First, humankind must come to terms with their mortality, dissolution and accountability to God. The only option from thence is to imitate Christ's sense of love and solidarity even with our worse enemies that there may be peace on earth.

Although from creation God ordained that humankind should live with him forever - humankind's only means to that end is by being symbols of righteousness, justice, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit on earth (Rom.14:17). God's vision and our mission combined is that the kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven (Matt.6:10).

Sirach, Jesus and Paul, in today's Liturgy of the Word surmised this quite nicely by reminding us that out of necessity we are all models of Christ guiding and aiding each other towards eternal life through compassion, love, patience and mercy.

O God, be patient with me in my struggles with unforgiveness. I am a work in progress.

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