We Are His Sacred Branches

SATURDAY: Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time


We Are His Sacred Branches

Brother and sisters, when Christ drew us into himself through the Sacraments of Initiation, he intended for us to offer ourselves, always, as living sacrifices holy and acceptable to God, in spiritual worship with him. In addition, there would be a strong reluctance on our part to resist the temptations to conform to worldly standards. To avoid duplicity in our spiritual calling, and Christ expects us to reconcile our difference with God (Rom.12:1-2).

The parable of the True Vine and its branches in John 15:1-17 depicts the kind of bond, Christ, through the sacraments established with us, his expectation, of us. God and Christ are deliberate in their efforts to protect the sacredness and productivity of this vine and its branches - our part is to respond accordingly, that we may bear the appropriate and abundant fruits.

As recipients of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Eucharist, God in Christ empowered us to be bearers of his divine fruits. Our unwavering fidelity to the same will determine our longevity and level of productivity during the harvesting and pruning seasons. In other words, as branches of Christ's vine, we cannot simultaneously be loyal servants of God and slaves of Satan. Nor can we be part of any satanic organization without jeopardizing our relationship with God.

Today's Liturgy of the word challenges us to break away from all forms of duplicity and be faithful to God that we may all bear the appropriate fruits our heavenly Father expects us to.

Lord, keep me ever faithful to my baptismal promise.

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