Let Us Triumph in the Cross-of Christ



Let Us Triumph in the Cross-of Christ

The bronze serpent placed on the standard by Moses in the wilderness, at God's behest prefigured St. Paul's saying "Four our sake God made the sinless one into sin that in him we might become the goodness of God (2Cor.5:21). Christ, as the seraph of God (Is.6:2-6) took his place on the cross to establish in his blood in perfect humility and obedience to the Father to establish a firm foundation the new Jerusalem of God out of disobedient people.

As the golden seraph on the standard in the wilderness, again on the cross on Calvary (Jn.3:13-17), Christ demonstrated the futility of the disobedience of God's law. In other words, humankind - especially God's chosen people, redeem themselves and give God the chance to exalt them through humility and fidelity to his will (Phil.2:6-11).

Our celebration of "The Exaltation of the Cross" during COVID 19 challenges us to revisit our Christian response to the decadent moral and human conditions responsible for us being where we are today. Hedonism dominates our thinking, pattern of behaviour, and sense of judgment. We listen to God only when it suits us. It appears that we give greater priority to the flesh than the soul. Thus, to facilitate the movement towards self-destruction, people are demanding the removal of all public sacred symbols, which offend their distorted interests.

As the fiery serpents let loose among the children of Israel in the wilderness, which claimed many lives, so too is COVID 19 claiming, perhaps even more. Shall we return to Calvary to fix our eyes on the pierced Christ on the cross? I think we should. The time is ideal. Let us triumph through the Cross of Christ.

O Lord, open our hearts to embody your virtues that we may walk in the ways of humility and obedience with our eyes fixed on your wounded body on the cross.

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