OUR LADY OF SORROWS/The Martyrdom of Mary

TUESDAY: Twenty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time


1Cor.12:12-14,27-33/Ps.99/ Jn.19:25-27 or Lk.2:33-35

The Martyrdom of Mary

While predicting the destiny of Christ as a suffering servant for righteousness sake, Simeon prophesied his Mother Mary would also experience an extraordinary form of martyrdom for the same reasons. Simeon envisaged the events on Calvary; he foresaw Mary taking her rightful place at the foot of her Son's Cross; he imagined the metaphorical swords piercing Mary's soul. He pictured Jesus hanging on the Cross - Mary meanwhile, her heart drenched with sorrow, her eyes flooded, she stood by effortlessly accepting God's ultimate plan for her Son in the face of human ingratitude and the rejection of salvation (Lk.2:33-35).

The filial and the physical bond between Jesus and his dear Mother never severed. Both Mother and Son suffered martyrdom together on Good Friday. Her soul died within her alongside her Son to fulfill the Father's will. Jesus' last spoken words to his Mother and disciple, respectively, "Woman this is your son," "This is your mother," were expressions of profound empathy. He placed himself into her soul and felt the wounds of the piercing lances she endure at his feet at the saddest moment in history (Jn.19:25-27). Thus, Simeon's prophesy had come true.

What about us standing at the foot of Christ's Cross? Opposition to Christ and the coming of the kingdom are at critical crossroads. Do we accept that we are the mothers, brothers and sisters of Christ? How wounded are our souls by the tragedy of Good Friday vis-a-vis the unfolding historical, social, political, economic and religious events taking place at present? Are our souls wounded for the continued crucifixion of Christ in his members, which we witness in the world today? If we accept Mary is our Mother also, we must willingly share her sorrows for a better world.

Mary, our Mother of Sorrows, pray for us that we may willingly share in your suffering and yearning for a sinless world.

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