COVID 19 – A Requiem. Who is listening?

WEDNESDAY: Twenty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time

1Cor.12:31-13:13/Ps.32:2-5, 12, 22/ Lk.7:31-35

COVID 19 – A Requiem. Who is listening?

True love, unavoidably, must always be a kenotic experience. Love transforms us into stewards of our patience, kindness, selflessness, humility, meekness, solidarity, integrity, trust, hope and resilience for the sake of those who love us. Listening and paying attention to the logos, ethos and pathos of others become like sacred duties if we must discern and ward off any ambivalence conflicting with the essential dignity of their gift of themselves, personhood and their salvation.

Love always thrives on receptivity and reciprocity between spouses. Negativity or indifference unsettles the mind and heart of the beholder when these two elements are absent. The crowd's ambivalence disturbed Christ when they did not respond either to the sound of the bagpipes or dirges.

In other words, genuine love is always attentive to the voice of the beloved and is decisive in its reaction. Bonding with each other is the ultimate treasure of this relationship. In addition, those who love each do not allow carnal distractions to groom them with indifference towards the celebration or mourning songs of their bride or groom. Divine love between Christ and his bride, the Church, in the world, expects the same of all of us baptized into Christ.

In the light of today’s Liturgy of the Word every Christian must ask himself or herself what things are distracting, deafening and depriving us from celebrating or mourning Christ in a world grown gold and indifferent to the call of holiness.

Lord, I resign my will to yours.

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