Humility and Meekness of Christ

THURSDAY: Twenty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time


Humility and Meekness of Christ

The utterances of a person depict the nature and substance of his or her soul. Forgiveness and solidarity reside in humility and meekness. It is never quick to judge. Christ Jesus quoted the saying of Isaiah "He will not break the crushed reed, nor put out the smouldering wick till he has led the truth to victory: in his name, the nations will put their hope (Is.42:3; Lk.12:20-21)." Also, in Matthew 11:29, Jesus begged his listeners to imitate his humility and gentleness that when the vulnerable come to them, they will find rest for their souls (Matt.11:28).

The accusations levelled against Christ by the Pharisees for his interaction with Mary Magdalene offered him another opportunity to reiterate that sinners in search of conciliation, forgiveness, forgiveness and mercy are most in need of love and solidarity - not condemnation.

Even in his response to Simon, Jesus demonstrated the highest level of humility and gentleness to drive home his point. The Church in the world must possess and demonstrate these same virtues and values of Christ. She must at all times welcome sinners without further crushing them or extinguishing and vestige of hope they are harbouring in the Father and the Son.

Lord, grant us courage that despite our sinfulness, we will sit at your feet imploring your mercy like Mary Magdalene.

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