The Justice of God



The Justice of God

Justice defines the persona and ways of God in his relationship with the world and with humankind. Made in the image and likeness of himself; God wishes to treat every person as he treats himself. Thus, with God's image and likeness etched into our souls, the Father's wish is that we would be of one mind, heart, soul and spirit with him. Tha the equality of every person we encounter on earth would be of great importance to us in every way.

Selfishness obscures and hinders the attributes of God and Christ Jesus from flowing freely in our lives. Consequently, injustice, evil, and indifference towards others, especially the poor, have become common among us - even as Christians. In the name of God the Father, Prophet Isaiah challenges believers to rise beyond their individualistic thought, patterns of behaviour and sense of judgment to behave like responsible stewards of the sacred goods of the earth to maintain an environment of justice and equality among all men and women.

Christ Jesus, in today's Gospel, gives us a practical example of how the Father thinks and feels towards the "have nots" in the world. By offering each worker equal pay, Christ raised the dignity of all the labourers and blessed the sweat and toil of men and women. There is also a second dimension to the thought and mind of Christ in this narrative. Regardless of the hour, we respond and accept the call of Christ to work in his vineyard, we shall all at the end, receive the same wage. What matters is our sense of humility and obedience to do the Father's will. God will reward every one of us according to our deeds. In the end, we shall all live in the same body with Christ and share eternal glory with him.

Your judgment, O Lord, is my life and my glory.

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