The Call to Dine with Christ



The Call to Dine with Christ

The guest as the Eucharistic table of the Lord are all sinners. Christ instituted the Eucharist as a meeting point to commune with empathy and solidarity with sinners and draw them into an everlasting covenant with himself and the Father (Matt.26:26-29).

Through the calling of Matthew, the Lord fulfilled what he promised in John 3:17, he did not come to judge the world but to save it through the forgiveness of sin. Christ is present to heal. Matthew recounts his good fortune with Christ and his ordeal with the scribes and Pharisees only to demonstrate that while the world condemns us Christ stands always on our side to defend us.

Do not be afraid to embrace the call to conversion and the call to discipleship because we are sinners. It is God himself who is honoring at his festive banquet and fulfilling what he promised through our cooperation with him (Is.25: 6:-9).

Lord, make me a disciple like you.

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