Place your Cares in His hands

WEDNESDAY: Twenty-fifth Week in Ordinary Time

Prov.30:5-9/Ps.118:29,72, 89, 101, 1014, 163/Lk.9:1-6

Place your Cares in His hands

God will make us all self-sufficient is we depend on his divine providence. The wise person will discover that in the "Our Father", Christ Jesus gave us a recipe for humility and dependability on the Father's generosity and protection. The author of Proverbs 30:5-9, encourages us to do the same. God will provide for us according to our needs.

Discipleship with Christ challenges us to embrace and to value austerity as a protective measure against corruption and narcissism. To my brother priests, fellow Christians and pastors of other faith, I beg, let us avoid the baits of the theology of prosperity. Entrust our cares and needs to the Lord; he will fulfil them.

Lord, I place all my cares in your hands.

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