Imitating the Holiness of Christ

THURSDAY: Twenty-fifth Week in Ordinary Time


Imitating the Holiness of Christ

The transient nature of the world and the brevity of human life on earth are the subjects of reflection today. Taking cognizance of the same Sirach and the Psalmist begs us to give preference to the life of the soul, which outlives all that exists in the world. Otherwise, our reckless and thoughtless actions, like Herod, may leave us always anxious and perplex by the mere shadow of Christ.

In this regard, let us pray that the Lord will open our eyes to see the wonders of his law and the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives. We can preserve the sacredness of our souls by subjecting ourselves to the will of the Father and by imitating the holiness of Christ Jesus.

Lord, with the help of your grace, guide us towards your holiness today.

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