MONDAY: Twenty-sixth Week in Ordinary Time

Job.1:6-22/Ps.16:1-3, 6-7/Lk.9:46-50


It appears normal in times of crisis for individuals to lose their moral compass. Lapses, infelicities and expediencies are tolerable, but good conscience would dictate the best ethical choice and practice. Christian morality requires us even under the most rigorous conditions to choose virtuousness over evil and to protect the integrity of the soul (Deut.30:15-19).

Job is a prototype of Christ enduring and resisting all his temptation without faltering. Why? To the very end, Christ remained committed to the will of his Father. Job, even to this present time, remains the glittering moral equivalent of the spirit of Christian morality. His friends chided him and expected him to do otherwise, but he chose to suffer than to sin. Who among us dares to imitate fortitude of Job and Christ?

Lord, when I am weak you can make me strong.

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