Our Guardians and Protectors



Our Guardians and Protectors

Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, each in their respective representation of God, depicts God's largest in his plan for humankind's salvation and of the world. God's love, his care and protection for his people on earth are unconquerable by evil.

The Feast of Archangels depicts in St. Michael how much the strength of God is always present among us ready to defend us against the onslaughts of the devil and his angels. With St. Gabriel, God strengthens his people and prepares them for stewardship in the kingdom. St. Raphael sustains our wellbeing. In other words, God, in collaboration with his angels and archangels continuously ministers to our daily needs and advancing the cause of our salvation. He is never far from us.

Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, pray for us.

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