The Resilience of Job

WEDNESDAY: Twenty-sixth Week in Ordinary Time

Job 9:1-12,14-16/Ps.87:10-15/Lk.9:57-62

The Resilience of Job

Job's unblemished character, his resolution to maintain the same at a very crucial juncture in his life and that of his family still speak with untold clarity of what it takes to reflect the true nature as sons and daughters of God the Father in the world. Despite his intense physical and mental suffering, his loss of family, destruction of assets and the indifference of his wife and friends, Job to the very end held on to his virtues, values and resilience. He is for all believers a towering persona of the eight Beatitudes. He prefigured Christ in the same.

Christ, in today's gospel, asks the same of all his followers and would-be disciples. There must be no preconditions on our part in accepting the call to discipleship and the willingness to endure any form of redemptive suffering like Job and Christ for the sake of the Good News and the kingdom of God. Are we ready for this kind of discipleship and stewardship?

Lord, fulfil your will in me. I will follow.

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